Financial Education

Financial Education

Get the financial knowledge and skills that you need
to take control of your financial future

“Proficiency in earning is your skill; my craft is to amplify your working money potential for the years and decades to come.”

Mohamad Mrad

Financial Education

The Financial Engineer provides a variety of courses and workshops across all levels,
designed to equip you with the tools you need to achieve financial success.

Two-hour session for beginners, entrepreneurs, and investors. Gain tools to make informed choices in income and asset curves, in addition to risk management. We will come up with a personalized strategy for your specific financial objectives.

Eleven-week program to aimed to elevate your trading skills. Suitable for all skill levels. Learn market dynamics, trading terminology, and traders psychology. Develop a trading plan and access a community of like-minded traders.

Private mentorship program designed for high-net-worth individuals. This program is designed to augment your investment decision accuracy when navigating the financial markets.

Self-paced financial education platform for all skill levels. Learn to make smarter investment and trading decisions through expert-led tutorials and comprehensive modules. Tailored to meet your needs and backed by a community of financial enthusiasts.

First workshop focused on helping beginners avoid common financial pitfalls. Learn to navigate market hypes and manage risks through real-life case studies

Workshop designed for those struggling with investment decisions. Gain insights into refining strategies and turning losses into learning experiences.

Comprehensive guide to charting and price analysis. Equip yourself with the skills to interpret trading and investment positions across different time horizons.

Final workshop that builds on previous knowledge. Explore advanced strategies, learn about wealth preservation, and align your mindset with financial success.

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