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Our Community

A weekly gathering where current affairs meet intellectual discourse.

We’re not just skimming headlines, we dissect the week’s most impactful stories in a soothing environment.

Fibonacci Network

This is where financial excellence meets Social Impact.

Money Sparks

Ignite Your Financial Journey with Money Spark Community. Where Aspiring rookies and seasoned investors ignite sparks of Financial Wisdom. Join Us Today and Fuel Your Financial Growth.

The Economist Exchange

​A weekly gathering where current affairs meet intellectual discourse. We’re not just skimming headlines; we dissect the week’s most impactful stories in a soothing environment.

The Exchange Book Club

A vibrant community where literature ignites personal growth. We’re not just about reading; we’re a diverse space for sharing ideas and exploring the transformative power of books.

Traders Hub

Step into the Pulse of Live Trading with Traders Hub Community”, available for the students of the Master Trader Program and the Cash Cow Academy. Where we analyze the opportunities of the day and decide, trade by trade. Join now and elevate Your trading experience with live Sessions

Zayed University Mentorship

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders Today with Zayed University’s Partner Challenge Program. Where industry leaders and bright minds converge to forge a Brighter Future ahead.

DIY Process

At The Financial Engineer, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional DIY Portfolio advisory services. Our process begins with an assessment session, followed by strategy sessions and accountability follow-up calls to ensure your success. Let us help you engineer your financial future today.

Assessment Sessions

We deep-dive into your current portfolio, analyze your decision-making patterns, and define your objectives. Post-session, we’ll identify gaps and conduct offline research.

Strategy Sessions

We transform insights into an actionable roadmap, suggesting specific buy/sell strategies to optimize your portfolio.

Accountability Follow-ups

Scheduled follow-ups ensure strategy implementation and adapt to evolving financial scenarios. It’s a dynamic platform for strategy tweaks.


In the portfolio construction phase, we adhere to key principles:

  • Investing with a 2-3 year view, understanding economic cycles.
  • Maintain flexibility to safeguard against losses.
  • Aim for performance across varying economic conditions.
  • Choose sectors wisely and balance between stable core and higher-risk volatile companies.

These guidelines serve as a roadmap for resilient, well-rounded portfolios that can weather market fluctuations and offer consistent growth.

Productive investments blend assets to generate long-term income. Income streams can include:

  • Fixed-income: Bonds, coupons, structured notes.
  • Variable-income: Dividends, options derivatives.
Benefits of opting for Growth Portfolios​:

  • Offset market cycle risks.
  • Acquire valuable assets for free.
  • Generate passive income.
  • Secure retirement income & capital.

This approach offers a balanced, risk-mitigated strategy for consistent income and capital protection, ideal for long-term financial stability.

We place utmost importance on safeguarding two vital assets: “Life” and “Working Capital”. In collaboration with you, we develop comprehensive financial solutions aimed at ensuring the financial well-being and peace of mind for you and your family.

Key strategies encompass:

  • Capital Protection: Designed to shield your investment capital from potential losses, while still opening avenues for asset growth.
  • Life Insurance: A fail-safe that guarantees your loved ones are financially secure in the event of unexpected life tragedies.

These meticulously designed solutions serve as cornerstone components in a sound financial plan, offering a balanced approach to both risk mitigation and growth opportunities.