The Financial Engineer

Luxury Favors the Bold

The Financial Engineer is for sophisticated investors who want to grow their capital and generate income in a safe environment

“Your wealth is more than currency; it’s the future of your family.
With familial care, I protect and grow your legacy.”

Mohamad Mrad

Finance Privé

Our investment approach offers a highly personalized experience grounded in meticulous analysis and advanced technology.

DIY Portfolio Advisory

These services are tailored for self-directed individuals who value the freedom to manage their own investment portfolios but also desire the accuracy and insights that come from professional guidance.

Financial Education

Learn to make smarter investment and trading decisions through expert-led tutorials and comprehensive modules. 


Ignite Your Financial Journey with Money Spark Community.

Tailored Asset Service for HNW Investors

I’m dedicated to growing HNW investors’ wealth with a keen eye on secure, profitable opportunities. Here’s how I help:

  • Broad Investment Choices: A spectrum of assets from stocks and bonds to unique opportunities like art and real estate.
  • Skilled Guidance: Managing assets over $10M, I’m committed to the financial success of both UHNW and HNW clients.
  • Personal Strategies: I design growth and income plans suited to each investor’s ambitions, whether they’re building wealth or enjoying retirement.

My client roster includes 18% UHNW and 30% HNW, with a strong group actively growing their investments.

“Financial Engineering Session”

Claim your complimentary session, it’s one-on-one session that can appeal to individuals or businesses looking for tailored financial advice.

It suggests a personalized approach to financial planning, where potential clients can get a taste of the bespoke services.

The benefits of the session:

  • receiving personalized advice.
  • understanding complex financial strategies.
  • identifying opportunities for growth and savings.

DIY Packages

Book a deep-dive introduction session to analyze your current portfolio’s performance and discuss your requirements and investment objectives.

  • Quarterly Package
  • Semi-annual Package
  • Annual Package

Private Equity

Exclusive, invitation-only investment in high-growth, pre-IPO companies targeting high returns.


Diversify with assets like gold and oil, offering inflation protection and low correlation with stocks.

Income Bonds

Secure and predictable income through low-risk assets like Treasury bills and bonds with capital protection.

The importance of Education

Financial Education

Get the financial knowledge and skills that you need to take control of your financial future. The Financial Engineer provides a variety of courses and workshops across all levels, designed to equip you with the tools you need to achieve financial success.

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