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Money Moves Masterclass


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2 Hours Session

About the Course

Welcome & Workshop Description

Welcome to the crown jewel of our Money Sparks Series—the “Money Moves Masterclass.

This workshop serves as the culmination of all the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired from all our previous sessions. It’s designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of trading, investing, and the art of wealth creation.

Key Concepts in the Masterclass:

Advanced Strategies: We’ll delve into sophisticated trading and investment strategies that go beyond the basics. Learn how to optimize your portfolio for both short-term gains and long-term growth.

Top-Down Approach for Asset Allocation: Master the art of asset allocation with a top-down approach. We’ll guide you through the process of diversifying your portfolio across various asset classes, sectors, and geographic regions to mitigate risk and maximize returns.

New Perspectives: This masterclass aims to offer fresh perspectives that can elevate your financial journey to new heights. Whether it’s understanding market cycles or leveraging alternative investments, we’ll explore avenues that can significantly impact your financial well-being.

Impactful Money Moves: Prepare to make impactful decisions that will resonate through your financial journey. By the end of this masterclass, you’ll have a well-rounded view of the financial landscape and the tools to navigate it successfully.

This masterclass is the beginning of a new chapter in your financial journey—one filled with informed decisions, strategic planning, and the confidence to make your money work for you.

Meet Your Instructor
Mohamad Mrad

Mohamad K. Mrad is a Dubai-based investment manager with extensive experience in international financial markets. He has worked with prestigious firms including SVN Capital, Argentum Private Wealth, and Holborn Assets LLC. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Wealth Management from the UK Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments, a BSc in Electrical Engineering, and business professional education from the Aji Network.

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