DIY Portfolio Advisory

DIY Portfolio Advisory

These services are tailored for self-directed individuals who value the freedom to manage their own investment portfolios but also desire the accuracy and insights that come from professional guidance.

Financial Engineering, is to design the reliable solutions for private investor’s money, in the ever changing financial space.”

Mohamad Mrad

Is it for you?

Suffering Performance

Is your portfolio underperforming due to market fluctuations? Seek expert guidance to enhance your investment outcomes.

Decision Maker

Do you rely on friends’ tips and news for your investment decisions? Elevate your strategy to institutional-grade insights.

Portfolio Volatility

Want to stress-test your portfolio? Transform weaknesses into opportunities and strengthen your investment approach.

Portfolio Recovery

Has your portfolio value declined? Develop a robust recovery strategy to regain and grow your investments.

Guidance for Action

Paralyzed by over-analysis? Ready to convert hesitation into decisive action? Let’s streamline your decision-making process.

Substantial Portfolio

Is your portfolio worth over $250,000? Experience significant improvements after just one consultation session

Choose your package

Introductory Session

Book a deep-dive introduction session to analyze your current portfolio’s performance
and discuss your requirements and investment objectives.


  • 3 months of advisory
  • 10 direct 1 on 1 consultations


  • 6 months of advisory
  • 22 direct 1 on 1 consultations


  • 12 months of advisory
  • 50 direct 1 on 1 consultations

What’s the process like?

At The Financial Engineer, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional DIY Portfolio advisory services. Our process begins with an assessment session, followed by strategy sessions and accountability follow-up calls to ensure your success. Let us help you engineer your financial future today.

Assessment Sessions

We deep-dive into your current portfolio, analyze your decision-making patterns, and define your objectives. Post-session, we’ll identify gaps and conduct offline research.

Strategy Sessions

We transform insights into an actionable roadmap, suggesting specific buy/sell strategies to optimize your portfolio.

Accountability Follow-ups

Scheduled follow-ups ensure strategy implementation and adapt to evolving financial scenarios. It’s a dynamic platform for strategy tweaks.

Unsure which package?

We offer an introductory assessment session as well, get in touch now!

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