Easily spend 600 AED and difficult to Invest it

In a world where every dollar counts, it’s intriguing to explore the choices we make about where our money goes. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a Dave Chappelle show in Abu Dhabi, which cost me 600 AED. Though a fan of his work, this experience led me to a surprising reflection about entertainment spending in general.

Is spending 600 AED on a single session of entertainment a wise choice?

This amount could easily cover my basic needs such as food and clothing for a significant period. It raises a question about the broader economic implications and our personal values. Or even  weekend getaway.

Why do people decide to spend in what might seem like fleeting experiences?

History shows us that entertainers have always played a role in society, from the jesters in royal courts to the comedians on today’s global stages, and the transformation in how they are valued is a mirror reflecting our evolving society and economy.

This scenario makes one wonder, if an alien were to visit us, would they find amusement in our seemingly frivolous expenditures?

This isn’t just about budgeting but understanding the intrinsic value we place on joy and diversion. It’s a dialogue worth having.

What does your spending on entertainment say about your values?

2 thoughts to “Easily spend 600 AED and difficult to Invest it”

  1. I don’t particularly keep a fixed amount to spend in entertainment monthly , but for my self care I do indeed as this is considered for me basic need plus entertaining to my self . I won’t be spending on a show 600 unless am going to gain something out of it in another way learn .
    Even if people consider eating out side the house is an entertainment I believe the amount spend in a month must not exceed 300 dhs .

    1. I’m glad this post makes you think, about one of the most important topic in the space of money “Budgeting” is a very improtant pillar. Entertainment Spending is like a silent disease that is a major problem for many. caused by societale competitions, lack of financial discpline and financial education at home and families and the most used anti depressant for social anxieties like loneliness, meeting expectations… well my 600 AED inspired me to write this blog i can tell you this was the only thing im benfiting form for now. feel free to share with friends .. a lot people would benefit from this for their financial resilience strategies.

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