Can a 9% Real Estate Investment returns Be Achieved?

In the asset class of real estate investments, the ideal scenario is a property that offers high returns without the common hassles of vacancies, maintenance, or liquidity issues. For many investors, finding such opportunities can seem like a distant dream. However, specialized investment solutions are making this a reality.

Here, we explore how direct property ownership CAN yield significant returns while minimizing traditional investment headaches.

No Vacancy Worries:

Imagine owning a property where the hassle of searching for tenants is a thing of the past. This dream scenario is within reach through strategic investment choices:

  • Germany – Berlin: With a property vacancy rate below 1%, the demand far exceeds supply.
  • Thailand- Phuket: Partnering with the Banyan Group ensures that our properties, backed by five-star services, are continually in demand.
  • UK Social Housing: Engage in long-term contracts that are government-guaranteed, eliminating the usual tenant search.

Easy Liquidity: Liquidity remains a key concern for many investors. The ability to quickly convert your investment into cash or exit the investment without complex procedures is a significant advantage, especially in rapidly changing markets.

Direct Ownership: Unlike trending real estate investments that only offer shares in a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), I always recommend direct ownership investments that let you hold the actual title deed, giving you more control and a higher sense of security.

Tailored Investment Solutions: To meet these ideal investment conditions, we offer two distinct solutions:

  1. Social Housing Investments in the UK:
    • Yield: High returns at 9%.
    • Tenancy: A guaranteed 25-year contract with terms tied to inflation ensures that your income grows along with economic conditions.
    • Focus: This solution is ideal for investors seeking steady income growth without the volatility typical of other real estate markets.
  2. Berlin Investments:
    • Growth: Targets high capital appreciation through strategic property selections.
    • Strategy: Utilizing leveraged mortgages in a high-demand market to maximize potential returns.
    • Focus: Best suited for investors aiming for significant capital gains in a bullish market.

Additional Opportunity: For those interested in expanding their portfolio internationally, we also offer opportunities for capital growth through partnerships with reputable developers like the Banyan Group in Thailand.

The possibilities for stress-free, high-yield real estate investments are more accessible than ever. If you’re interested in learning more about these opportunities and how they can fit into your investment strategy, join me for our upcoming webinars and consultation sessions. Register your interest here.

Supporting research

  1. Berlin Real Estate Data:
    • The Berlin property market has been characterized by significant appreciation in property values over the years, driven by a combination of low interest rates, migrations, and a substantial housing deficit. The median price for an apartment has increased dramatically, reflecting a strong market for both existing and new properties.
    • For more detailed data on Berlin’s real estate, including district-specific information, you can reference this JLL report.
  2. Banyan Group Projects in Thailand: You can explore various properties offered by Banyan Group across Thailand, including luxurious residences in Phuket, which is known for its beautiful beachfront villas and high demand real estate market. You can find more about these projects on the Banyan Group Residences website.
  • UK Social Housing Government Contracts: you can find some information about social housing investments from the UK from government websites

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