The Economist Exchange

​A weekly gathering where current affairs meet intellectual discourse. We’re not just skimming headlines; we dissect the week’s most impactful stories in a soothing environment. 

Welcome & Mission:

The Economist Breakfast Club is your weekly dose of insightful discussion. We gather to read and dissect the latest edition of The Economist, turning current events into thought-provoking conversations.

Informed & Engaging Environment:

Our breakfast table is a forum for informed debate. Whether you’re interested in politics, economics, or social issues, you’ll find a community eager to delve deep and discuss the nuances.

Community Impact:

Our club has become a staple in the intellectual life of the community. Members don’t just come for the articles; they come for the rich dialogue and the chance to engage with like-minded individuals.

Broadening Perspectives:

The Economist Breakfast Club is more than a meetup; it’s a catalyst for intellectual growth and social engagement. Here, you’ll find a diverse group committed to understanding the world better, one article at a time.