A Game Changer

Moving around the world today, that is living in the age of information, everybody recommend the need to keep learning something new everyday. Well this idea doesn’t come from absolute coincidence, take a moment and observe pioneers in any field of choice or distance to you, from Elon musk, Warren buffet, Jeff Bezos as some global pioneers to some other pioneers that you know within your own circles of friends or businesses or industries. Those pioneers have been beating the game by knowing a little bit more information then others in their domain of expertise and field of service.

Obtaining that edge is a constant process of being informed, this is a key factor to successful dominance over the field of choice. Trying to stay informed comes in many shapes and forms, the most common and commercialized form is when you hear everywhere try to learn something new everyday. This is a great! I wanted that power of learning something new everyday. Yet I wasn’t always systematic or on target with this quest not everyday. I learned to meet people and try to see what I learn from them, or go through experiences and try to see what I learn from them on a daily basis some knowledge that may help me improve my business, some knowledge that may help gain edge over crowded competition. I admit this process is challenging, it doesn’t guarantee a win of new information everyday and it doesn’t make me consistent with my pursuit of winning the right type of information everyday.Now the quest became what can I change to insure that I learn something new everyday, as I don’t want to keep it for the luck!!! We don’t always meet the right people or have the right experiences, and most of the time when the routines of the day and its noise get going this pursuit of learning something new drops in priority and might be forgotten.

After trial and error, I have indulged myself with a new habit that helps me conquer this quest even before the day starts, and tick that box of my list along with some other very important chores that are necessary yet we drop them in the noise of the day like training, meditating or balancing thoughts. I discovered that having two hours a head start in the morning while the rest of the world is sleeping help me accomplish those tasks. It definitely guarantee that i learn something new everyday from the list of books that I must read to excel in the field of my service.

A quick 15 minutes reading taking notes of the new ideas learned from the author experience, is helping me enhance my business by converting these notes into actionable points of business. it help save or accelerate the business vision at least by a period of 1 year. Imagine the costs saved, the gains made by accelerating 1 year into your own business. The only difference is insuring I’m reading the right books, in the morning, taking the notes into actionable business ideas everyday. a game changer habit that guarantee the quality information and accomplishing four very important tasks in the day before normal people day start.If you are in pursuit of new knowledge please share what is your favorite habit?

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