Why Men Don’t Listen And Women Can’t Read Maps

This book was written in 1998 by the couple Allan and Barbara Pease. Between 1998 and 2020, many things have changed. If I were to rewrite the book today, I would title it “Why Men Are Obsessed with Luxury and Women with Beauty.” The quest for the “Elixir of Life” or “the Philosopher’s Stone” has been a mystery for humanity and alchemy for at least two hundred years before the birth of Jesus.

What prompts me to share these thoughts with you today is the recent discussions I’ve had with some close friends about how to gain followers on social media as we build our digital identities. Unfortunately, the examples they showed me were real and true. If you open the Instagram or Facebook pages of so-called current entrepreneurs who are busy posting images of themselves with shiny watches, Rolls-Royces, private jets, or even cars filled with beautiful ladies as symbols of success and happiness for men, you will find that they have millions and millions of followers. Yet, they offer little real value or meaningful insights that I can use to improve my life. If you apply the same search criteria for women, shifting from luxury to beauty, you will find many posing, minimal clothing, long eyelashes, and an abundance of makeup, as well as millions and millions of followers.

We were once great as humanity, searching for truth through philosophy. Yes, we were also great when we sought eternal life through alchemy. Today, we are still searching for something, but what is it? We’ve bestowed the word “success” upon a mere watch or car (a result of systematic brainwashing). We’ve given the word “beauty” to makeup or specific body measurements (also a result of systematic brainwashing). Then we started racing endlessly for these ideals, unknowingly harming ourselves in the process, all while benefiting only one entity: the system that convinced us to engage in this relentless pursuit.

Please don’t misunderstand me; I do appreciate beautiful women, and I don’t dislike luxury. I love both, and perhaps I appreciate beauty even more than luxury. Thankfully, I’m blessed with both. You see, when you achieve financial freedom, you know how to possess these without paying a premium. Let me share an example we recently considered: owning a 47-ft yacht here in Dubai. We thought about using it every weekend and storing it when not in use. This would have cost around $400,000 in capital, plus substantial fees for maintenance, cleaning, and parking, totaling at least $30,000 annually. Do you know how much it would cost to rent a yacht for a weekend without these hassles? It’s almost $1,300 to $1,700. Why on earth would I buy a yacht and worry about it when I can simply charter one as needed, anywhere on earth?

Returning to our topic, today, an Instagram account that solely showcases luxury and beauty products can amass at least 1.5 million more followers than someone like Elon Musk, who is tirelessly working to give humanity a chance to survive the impending climate disaster, or other contemporary physicists like Stephen Hawking, who discovered black holes and revolutionized physics like Mr. Einstein in his time. I’m not suggesting you stop following them or start following luxury-displaying pages. I’m inviting you to maintain a fair balance in your feed so that you don’t become completely ensnared in the wrong race. If you seek to follow success, seek those who benefit you, not those who benefit from you.

Otherwise, you’re benefiting them while draining yourself in the wrong pursuit. Examine the accounts of people like Warren Buffett. He built a multibillion-dollar fortune from scratch—what argument can you make against that? Visit his Instagram account; unfortunately, it falls short by 1.4 million followers compared to unscrupulous influencers. He doesn’t flaunt luxury on his account. He seeks reality, enjoys his journey in life, and aims to leave a legacy by sharing quotes consistently. Successful people strive to empower others, leading by example, educating, guiding them to discover their own talents, fueling their ambitions, encouraging them to leverage their strengths, and teaching them how to succeed. I’m sure someone is still searching for the philosopher’s stone. But what do you know about it? Follow those who benefit you. Following the wrong role models will only harm you and benefit the system.

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