Ask and It Is Given: Book Review by Mohamad Mrad

Insights from “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther Hicks

Book Review

We started with Introductions to the book and the Author. Ether being is a renowned philosopher, a spiritual guide and a channel to an entity is known for her deep insights into the human psyche and the universe’s workings.

Section 1: The Journey to Self-Actualization

  • The concept of a genuine heart in asking the universe.
  • The role of self-discovery and self-actualization in manifestation.
  • Reference to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Section 2: Personal Development and Manifestation

  • Overview of the Barrett value assessment and its connections to spiritual concepts.
  • Personal anecdotes and experiences shared by members.
  • Discussion on visualization techniques and tools: Sincere intention + focused thought can manifest desires.

Section 3: The Cosmic Order and Timing in Manifestation

  • Insights on the importance of timing in manifestation.
  • Personal stories highlighting the role of cosmic order alignment.
  • Ancient wisdom from Buddhism and Hinduism that aligns with manifestation concepts.
  • Sufi -Himma concepts and influence on manifestation.

Section 4: Quantum Physics and Neuroplasticity

We Discussed the lunar calendar and its influence on personal habits. Insights into Sufi wisdom and quantum physics. The importance of neuroplasticity and suggestions for enhancing brain health, like learning new languages and developing new hobbies every year or so.

Section 5: The Science of Frequencies

  • The role of frequencies and sound in health improvement.
  • Devices and techniques for tuning into specific frequencies.
  • Discussion on the law of attraction and related concepts.
  • The power of resonance into creating a pull or destructing desires action Items

A small exercise was made with the true nature of accountability where the community made a clear intention and detailed desire to manifest one idea.


Life presents a variety of perspectives on how intentions and beliefs influence our reality.

Ether’s book “Ask and You Are Given” explores the concept of the universe being a generous source ready to fulfill clear and sincere requests.

The book emphasizes:

  • The transformative power of positive intentions.
  • Aligning with the vibrational frequency of our desires.
  • Utilizing personal experiences, ancient wisdom, and scientific principles.
  • The teachings align with the ancient belief that our thoughts and emotions can manifest our deepest desires.

We also discussed the book Contrasting viewpoint:

  • Intentions are not the only factors determining our life path.
  • Recognizes the influence of external factors, societal structures, and unexpected events.
  • Advocates for a balanced approach, combining positive thinking with:
  • Taking action.
  • Demonstrating resilience.
  • Understanding the world’s inherent unpredictability.

Synthesis of both viewpoints:

  • Life is a balance between intention and adapting to circumstances.
  • The universe is receptive to our desires but also presents challenges to test our resilience and adaptability.
  • Growth and wisdom are attained through navigating life’s challenges.
  • Encourages an optimistic approach to life, with an openness to embracing both certainty and uncertainty.

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